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Have you received a notice of rent increase and modification of another lease condition?

Please be aware that if you wish to reject these changes, you have one month to inform your landlord of your refusal. If you do not respond, it is considered that you have accepted the modifications, and they become effective upon the renewal of your lease.

If you refuse within the deadline, it is then up to your landlord to take the necessary steps with the TAL to determine the new amount of your rent or the new terms of your lease.

Your landlord has one month, following the receipt of your refusal, to address the TAL.

If they do not approach the TAL within this timeframe, your lease is then renewed under the same conditions, and your rent remains the same. If your landlord approaches the TAL within the deadline, the TAL will summon you to a hearing.

During this hearing, your landlord must provide all invoices and explanations supporting their requests. You may also express your viewpoint on the landlord’s demands to the TAL. The TAL will make a decision based on the evidence presented to it and the law. You can continue to pay your rent at the same amount until the TAL makes its decision.

If the TAL renders its decision before the renewal date of your lease, the modifications granted by the TAL will take effect upon the renewal of your lease.


However, the process at the TAL can be lengthy. If the TAL renders its decision after the renewal date of your lease, you may continue to occupy your accommodation at the same rent and under the same conditions until the TAL renders its decision.

If the TAL decides to increase your rent, you will be required to pay your landlord the difference between your old rent and this new rent, from the date of the renewal of your lease to the date of the TAL’s decision.

*Please note that it is always advisable to consult with a lawyer before initiating any legal proceedings.

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