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Support the mission of The Legal Collective by making a donation equivalent to one hour of your salary.

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What is the campaign all about?

By simply donating the equivalent of one hour of your salary to The Legal Collective, you are contributing to the sustainability of our social mission. Thanks to your donation, we can offer quality legal services in Montreal to people in difficulty and with modest incomes.

How will your donation be used?

  • Continue to run our four service points and provide 1,000+ free legal consultations to Montrealers each year
  • Train future legal professionals
  • Develop new accessible legal workshops in
  • collaboration with community organizations
  • Participate in innovative research on access to justice to improve our practices

Since our
founding in 2002

10 043

free personalized legal information consultations


people accompanied during a court hearing or who received psychosocial support


future jurists trained in various fields of law and made aware of the importance of access to justice

4 000

hours of volunteer work provided by active and committed lawyers, notaries, and social workers

to all

We believe that access to justice contributes to a more just and inclusive society.


Our services

Legal information

Our law students, under the close supervision of lawyers, can help you learn more about your rights and obligations, understand how the Quebec justice system works, and guide you through your legal procedure.

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Psychosocial support

Our psychosocial team is on hand to offer you the support you need to ease the anxiety you feel about your legal case or to explore and identify resources that will provide you with non-legal support.

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Socio-legal accompaniment

We have a team of volunteers trained to accompany you and provide moral support during a court hearing, as part of a mediation, or when you have to undertake a challenging administrative procedure.

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We provide personalized assistance We provide personalized assistance

A big part of our job is to translate into words that our clients understand.

Our clients are provided with the necessary information to guide them and help them to represent themselves. We also direct them towards settlement opportunities, outlining all the options available to them to resolve their issue.

Furthermore, as of 2018, we offer in-house psychosocial support when individuals feel the need.

Social work interns and volunteer social workers dedicate their time and expertise to improve access to justice for these individuals.

Whether it is informing a person about their rights as a tenant, preparing for a hearing in the small claims division, or helping them with problems following a dismissal or a situation involving the sharing of parental custody during a separation, The Legal Collective strives to offer personalized legal support.

Success Stories


Julia and Allen

“We sought the help of The Legal Collective (formerly the Mile End Legal Clinic) when our landlord at the time became abusive after we informed him of an infestation of bed bugs in our accommodation.

The Legal Collective played a key role in helping us cope with one of the worst years of our lives. The team of volunteer lawyers from the Collective helped us prepare and treated us with patience when we were fragile. They kept us from suffering great losses and gave us the strength to be able to face what was considered to be a Sisyphean task.

They helped us prepare for our hearings at the Régie and we were then able to successfully leave our housing, keeping our dignity intact, as well as most of our belongings.

Even if we could have afforded it, we don’t believe we could have found better help and encouragement elsewhere.”


Mrs L

Mrs. L sought the assistance of The Legal Collective after a door-to-door salesperson sold her a defective heat pump, which resulted in several complications.

The Legal Collective researched her case, helped her draft a letter of formal notice and an application to the Small Claims Division, as well as prepare for her hearing. She received a judgment in her favor and is more than satisfied with the result and with having persevered to assert her rights.

“I thank the Collective for its welcome, its active listening to my legal problem, for its moral support, its expertise, and its follow-ups that were so complete and precise. You helped me to move forward when I was about to give up, to gain confidence in myself, to organize my case and finally to prepare myself for my hearing.

Thanks to the professionalism and support of the Clinic’s team, I received a positive verdict. I hope that an organization like the Clinic will continue to exist to help vulnerable people, people in need or not, who need help with their legal cases and to see their fight through to the end. I am grateful for all the help that has been given to me and will never forget it.”

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Support us in other ways.

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